Buildings contribute about 43% of all the UK’s carbon emissions. Technology exists today to drastically reduce this, but this requires changes at many levels and commitment and actions to make this happen. There are no quick fixes.

We want to take action and reduce our carbon footprint by building a sustainable house. A house that has almost no energy demands, but that fits in as far as possible with the surroundings.

The reality we face by doing nothing is really rather grave. We would like to demonstrate that there is support from like-minded people to take action and sooner rather than later. We want to share our experience and help make a positive change. What we are doing is not radical, but it is a little different to the status quo. Attitudes need to change.  If you agree or have any comments, please leave a note below.

Every name and comment makes a huge difference.

Merton Sustainable Development


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23Ruth BaberCheap to run, sustainable, carbon neutral housing has to be the way forwardJan 09, 2015
22Nicola McKilliganWe have to wake up and catch up with the progressive countries in Europe and eksewhere.Sep 19, 2014
21Ivan ReganBuilding Sustainable and Carbon Neutral structures should be compulsory for building firms full stop. Given our level of technology and economic wealth there is no excuse for not doing this. Homebuilders/Renovators should be encouraged with reward schemes and discounts if they can prove build is sustainable / using recycled materials / passive technology prior and post build completionSep 19, 2014
20Archie CurtisI plan to build our house from sustainable and recycled materials if only I could beat te mass developers to a bit of suitable land!!! It should be law from now on that houses are 80% sustainable. 10% might as well be nothing. Sep 18, 2014
19Dileep ThomasI strongly believe in the benefits and vision the 'zero carbon' architecture represents and quite frankly, the path this couple has chosen is quite pioneering and represents many challenges. However, the key motivation for them to embark upon this project is the opportunity to create a better, cleaner future for our communities and our next generations. Rather than making their journey even moreSep 18, 2014
18Matt ClancyIt's unbelievable that the council is not just being unsupportive of this initiative but seem to be actively blocking it! I fully support what this house is aiming to achieve and think it's negligent for the council to be effectively and subjectively blocking it!Sep 17, 2014
17Tim WisemanI know Dean well, he is passionate about the benefits of this home. I hope it will be approved for it is an ethical, sustainable, beautiful house that will be an example to other.Sep 13, 2014
16Paul CurtisI am really struggling to see why planning permission is not granted on this plan which I fully support. This sort of development is the future and should be embracedSep 12, 2014
15robert coeI agree Mr SeawellSep 11, 2014
14Jasper Graham-JonesSep 11, 2014
13Kelly KnappThis home is spearheading the way others will be modelled after in the (hopefully near) future. If only we were all as clever in our thinking as this couple – kudos to them!Sep 11, 2014
12Anu DollHow can anyone say no to something that is better for the environment !!Sep 11, 2014
11Carol PotterSep 11, 2014
10Stuart WalkerI also support this initiative.Sep 11, 2014
9Heidi Bergene-Graygreat initiative that can be the template for future house building. the more we can stop relying on polluting fuels .Sep 10, 2014
8Hannah PetleySep 10, 2014
7Debbie BriantEco-friendly is the new black. Sep 10, 2014
6Emma SmithSep 10, 2014
5John MakTo deny planning permission to such an initiative would set a precedence that would undermine the future of domestic green initiatives. Change starts at home....Sep 10, 2014
4Ana NazirI fully support this plan to build a zero carbon homeSep 10, 2014
3Tammy WadeFrom little things big things grow! Great ideas to reduce your dependency on fossil fuels. Sep 10, 2014
2Ian WadeChange is good - embrace the future.Sep 10, 2014
1glennis scrivensfor our childrens childrenSep 10, 2014

Seeking support for building sustainable homes.